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Pediatric Health Technologies

Pediatric Health Technologies

This week we had experts on the show talking about developments in Pediatric Health Technologies.  We were joined in studio by Leanne West, Principal Research Scientist at Georgia Tech Research Institute, and Paul Spearman, Chief Research Officer with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  They came by to talk about the innovative collaboration between academic research institutions, Emory and Georgia Institute of Technology, that help accelerate the rate that important technologies can be made available to the pediatric patient population in need.  Carly Kiseleczynk, CEO/Founder of BrainChild Technologies also came by to talk about the intriguing technology that allows parents to have more interactive interaction with young infants through their pacifier-controlled device that interfaces and can control applications and toys through non-nutritional sucking patterns.

We discussed the goals of these important Atlanta research institutions of helping pediatric health providers to treat the unique needs of very young patients.  They have what they call a “Quick Wins” program where they engage with promising technology companies to help them bring their solutions to market within a very-fast 18 months.

Carly talked about how they were able to advance their work on developing an interactive technology that allows infants to learn how to control toys and tablet-based applications with their sucking patterns.  The infants are able to turn on a mobile or night light, or make remote-controlled toys move.  And they’re able to advance language skills through interacting with special tablet-based applications that can provide data on certain developmental milestones.

Both of these initiatives can benefit from financial support to allow them to hasten the pace of their research and make these helpful technologies available to pediatric patients in need sooner.

Special Guests:

Leanne West, Principal Research Scientist with Georgia Tech Research Institute  linkedin_small1


  • Education, Vanderbilt University
  • Former High School Physics Teacher
  • 17 years as Research Scientist Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Recipient, 2014 Woman of the Year, Georgia Women In Technology


Paul Spearman, Chief Research Officer with Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta  linkedin_small1

Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta

  •  Doctor of Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
  • Residency, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, The Ohio State University
  • Residency, Infectious Disease, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Professor, Emory University School of Medicine

Carly Kiselyczynk, CEO/Founder, of BrainChild Technologies  linkedin_small1

BrainChild Technologies

  • PhD, Medical Sciences, Neurosciences, Karolinska Institutet
  • Published research author
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale Depression Research Group
  • Recipient 2012 Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service Award