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Investment Capital, Hospice, and Legal Trends in Healthcare

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Jack Draughon and Matt Brohm join CW Hall on Health Connect South Radio

Investment Capital, Hospice, and Legal Trends in Healthcare

Over the course of the show we have often heard our guests expressing the fact that access to investment capital is one of their biggest needs. On our previous episode we talked with Tif Walker from Georgia Center for Medical Innovation about the fact that in spite of having a rapidly-growing technology ecosystem full of promising technology solutions led by excellent leadership, Atlanta lags behind the traditionally-recognized centers for investment resources.

On this week’s show we hosted Jack Draughon and Matt Brohm to talk about investment capital, hospice, and legal trends in healthcare. Jack’s early years in his career were spent in investment banking, private equity, and mergers/acquisitions in the healthcare arena. After spending several years in the investment world and overseeing a larger merger with a hospice company, he began to become interested in forming a hospice care company that would both provide a high level of care and compassion, as well as have sound leadership and marketing strategy and resources.

He co-founded the hospice company Halcyon, which he and his colleagues were able to see fulfill its potential, ultimately selling the company recently in a successful merger.  Jack shared his personal story of how he had experienced hospice care as the parent of his daughter who was found to have a congenital disorder incompatible with life upon birth.  This experience, coupled with working on the hospice merger in his work combined to inspire him to focus his career on this important healthcare specialty.

Matt Brohm, an attorney with Arnall, Golden, & Gregory, talked about trends in healthcare and explained how recent changes in the law have created a trend toward consolidation between hospitals and systems.  Many physician practices are also being purchased and becoming part of hospital groups.  Matt and his colleagues in the healthcare practice for AGG provide expertise and guidance to navigate these often complicated transactions.

Additionally, Matt shared how compliance with new laws and regulations mean that having access to legal experts who are fully versed in these matters can save their clients a great deal of risk and cost associated with making missteps in the process.

Special Guests:

Jack Draughon, Co-Founder of Halcyon Hospice  facebook_logo_small3  twitter_logo_small  feed-logo  linkedin_small1

Halcyon Hospice

  • BBA, Economics, University of Georgia Terry College of Business
  • Previous Director, Arcapita Inc

Matt Brohm, Attorney, Arnall, Golden, Gregory  twitter_logo_small  linkedin_small1  feed-logo

Arnall Golden Gregory

  • Doctor of Law, Syracuse University College of Law
  • BBA Business, University of Georgia