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Intellimedix and Life University

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Intellimedix and Life University

This week we sat down with experts from Intellimedix and Life University.  Intellimedix is an Atlanta-based company that uses high-powered computing algorithms, coupled with genetic testing to identify existing medications that could potentially be re-purposed to effectively treat illnesses other than the ones they were originally designed to treat.  One of the company’s founders has a child who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy.  Unfortunately, there are limited treatments known to be available that will provide relief from this debilitating condition. His daughter’s story influenced the decision to focus the company’s initial efforts on uncovering existing medications that could be successfully re-purposed to help folks dealing with this type of epilepsy and other neurologic disorders.

Chief Science Officer, Jeff Skolnick shared the example of how a blood pressure medication (Viagra) was re-purposed to treat erectile dysfunction.  He went on the discuss the physiology/chemistry behind why this is possible and why it makes sense to look for existing, approved medications that have the ability to improve quality of life for patients dealing with illnesses different from those the medications are initially intended to treat.  This approach saves a great deal of time and money over the years-long, massively-expensive process of developing a medication from ground zero to treat a particular condition; allowing patients in need to receive access to an effective treatment sooner.

Dr. Gilles LeMarche, VP of Professional Relations at Life University came by to talk about the undergraduate and graduate programs available at their Marietta, GA-based campus.  They offer a number of health, wellness, and sports-related degrees ranging from chiropractic medicine, to vitalistic nutrition, functional kinesiology, and others.  He shared their approach to wellness, applying the philosphy of “vitalism” allows their graduates to help their clients/patients by helping the body to heal itself; as it is ideally capable of doing when interfering factors are removed.

Special Guests:

Steven Hickson, CFO, Intellimedix  facebook_logo_small3  linkedin_small1


  • MBA, Global Executive MBA Program, IESE Business School, Barcelona Spain
  • BA Accounting, NC State University
  • Previous Senior Auditor, Turner Broadcasting System
  • Former SVP, New Media & Premium Channels, Fox International Channels- Asia

Jeff Skolnick, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Intellimedix  linkedin_small1


  • Director, Center for Study of Systems Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • PhD, Chemistry, Yale University
  • Mary and Maisie Gibson Chair in Computational Systems Biology
  • Associate Director, Integrated Biosystems Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology

Gilles Lamarche, DCM, VP, Professional Relations, Life University  linkedin_small1  youtube-logo1  twitter_logo_small  smugmug LOGO  Pinterest LOGO   facebook_logo_small3

Life University

  • Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
  • Certified Six Advisors Coach, 6 Advisors Coaching Academy
  • Former Vice President, Parker College of Chiropractic
  • Fluent in French






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