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Elder Care

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Elder Care

This week we hosted experts whose companies address the care needs of our elderly population.  We hosted Maria de la Guardia, of Assisted Living Locators, Chris Foster, of LivHome, and Blaine Warketine, of Vimty.

Assisted Living Locators is a company that provides a free service for families in search of an assisted living facility for their loved one.  The company forms relationships with facilities around the community, getting to know them, the services they provide, costs, etc.  They then get to know the families who connect with them seeking help through an interview process to be better able to recommend a facility based on location, type of services available, living environment, cost, etc.

We talked about the fact that many online services focus mainly on a few facilities with which they have financial arrangements, leaving out many options in the area that could potentially be a better fit for a given patient.  Once they have contact information for the family it is shared with other services who then assail the family with calls and emails trying to sell them on centers they represent.  Maria shared some questions families should ask when they contact an online service that purports to be the facility they think they’re contacting.

LivHome is a company that helps seniors be able to live their lives in their own home or their family’s home with the care support and equipment needed to do so.  The company conducts an in-depth assessment of the needs of the patient(s) in need of supportive care/equipment through interviews with their nursing staff.  From there, they can make recommendations and provide the supportive care providers necessary.

Chris shared his story about having been disappointed in the experience with home care for loved ones in the past and that he wanted to provide a high-quality service for the patients who want to be able to live in their own home.  We talked about the fact that it’s actually possible to have an elderly patient live in their own or a family member’s home for less than or similar costs to an assisted living center or nursing facility.

Blaine Warketine shared some impressive statistics about how much of overall healthcare spend each year comes from providing high-acuity care in the last days of life, often for patients who didn’t actually want to have aggressive measures.  Vimty is a platform that allows patients to conduct video interviews with counselors and family members wherein they are able to state their wishes for end of life care measures, along with context for why they feel the way they do.

We talked about the fact that this record has much more weight and is much more likely to prevent much of the family drama that can occur with the typical written advanced directive document (or worse, in the cases of NO document).  Through the Vimty platform, patients have a permanent record that is part of their EMR that can be referenced when end-of-life measures become necessary.

Special Guests:

Maria de la Guardia, of Assisted Living Locators  linkedin_small1  facebook_logo_small3

Assisted Living Locators

  • MBA International Business, George Washington University
  • Professional Development in Gerontology, Kennesaw State University
  • Previous Strategy & Policy Development/Industry Analyst
  • Board of Directors, Strength of Nature

Chris Foster, of LivHome  twitter_logo_small  linkedin_small1  facebook_logo_small3  youtube-logo1  google-plus-logo-red-265px


  • Certified Senior Advisor, Society of Certified Senior Advisors
  • Former Member, Board of Directors, March of Dimes of Georgia
  • President/CEO, SportsCom, Inc.

Blaine Warketine, of Vimty  twitter_logo_small  linkedin_small1  facebook_logo_small3


  • Doctor of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Residency, Orthopedics, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Fellowship, Orthopedic Knee Conditions, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
  • MBA, Entrepreneurship, University of Utah David Eccles School of Business