The mission of Health Connect South is to serve the health community as a sustainable platform for regional health collaborations. Through our collective work, we seek to broadly define and advance the Southeast’s role in the future of health. Serving as a gateway between health industry silos, we seek to provide unique and meaningful partnership opportunities in health.

We will advance our mission by bringing together top-tier health leaders and innovators across disciplines to engage each other in collaborative conversations focused on meeting identified health needs through leveraging supporting ideas and institutions.

Join your host CW Hall every Tuesday at 9am Eastern to listen LIVE to Health Connect South.



Our Featured Shows

Pharmacogenetic Testing This week I connected with Vanderbilt University’s Dr. Dan Roden to learn about pharmacogenetic testing.  This tool provides physicians and other prescribing health professionals with individual-specific data about how a patient’s body will respond to particular medications or types of medication.  For example, a popular drug, Plavix, which is prescribed to reduce risk … [more]

Better Medication Management and Compliance Curant Health (Formerly HealthStat Rx) is a national healthcare company utilizing an innovative patient-centric services, medication management and specialty pharmacy program to provide chronic disease expertise and support to improve the therapy experience and quality of life for patients nationwide. Curant Health also provides hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations, concierge medicine … [more]

Tackling Cardiovascular Disease Through Research, R and D Health experts will be addressing top disease states & explore collaborations that will reduce their occurrence at the upcoming Health Connect South 2016 event.  Panelist, Dr. Neal Weintraub of Augusta University talks about obesity, its contribution to cardiovascular disease, and research aimed at tackling this and other … [more]

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