The mission of Health Connect South is to serve the health community as a sustainable platform for regional health collaborations. Through our collective work, we seek to broadly define and advance the Southeast’s role in the future of health. Serving as a gateway between health industry silos, we seek to provide unique and meaningful partnership opportunities in health.

We will advance our mission by bringing together top-tier health leaders and innovators across disciplines to engage each other in collaborative conversations focused on meeting identified health needs through leveraging supporting ideas and institutions.

Join your host CW Hall every Tuesday at 9am Eastern to listen LIVE to Health Connect South.



Our Featured Shows

Skyland Trail A recent guest of mine on the Top Docs Radio show told me I needed to get to know about Skyland Trail, an Atlanta area inpatient/outpatient behavioral medicine center, well-known for its outcomes such that patients travel from across the US and abroad to receive care there. I had the opportunity to sit … [more]

Pharmacogenetic Testing This week I spoke with founder and CEO of Genelex, Howard Coleman to learn about pharmacogenetic testing, and the role it plays in patient outcomes and overall healthcare spend.  Pharmacogenetic testing involves obtaining a sample of DNA from the patient via a cheek swab or blood test and examining the genes associated with … [more]

  NeuroLex Diagnostics This week I sat down with founder of NeuroLex Diagnostics, Jim Schwoebel.  A biomedical technology expert, particularly in neurosciences, Jim has been instrumental in fostering growth and innovation, co-founding incubators, NeuroLaunch, CyberLaunch, and more recently, his more focused work on machine learning. Jim shared how he was inspired by numerous studies showing … [more]

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