The mission of Health Connect South is to serve the health community as a sustainable platform for regional health collaborations. Through our collective work, we seek to broadly define and advance the Southeast’s role in the future of health. Serving as a gateway between health industry silos, we seek to provide unique and meaningful partnership opportunities in health.

We will advance our mission by bringing together top-tier health leaders and innovators across disciplines to engage each other in collaborative conversations focused on meeting identified health needs through leveraging supporting ideas and institutions.

Join your host CW Hall every Tuesday at 9am Eastern to listen LIVE to Health Connect South.



Our Featured Shows

Blue Flowers Blue Flowers Org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization empowering women and the men in their lives against prostate cancer with operations in Georgia, Maryland and Virginia. Learn more by visiting Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Blue Flowers Org, Shavonn is committed to living in a world in which no man is … [more]

  Meeting the Nurse Staffing Shortage This week I caught up with Carol Robison, of Gifted Healthcare.  Carol has been attracting nurses who are at the top of their specialties in experience, clinical knowledge, and credentials, and placing them with healthcare settings in need of additional nursing professionals for over 20 years.  We connected to … [more]

  Georgia Tech HomeLab I caught up with Georgia Tech’s Dr. Brad Fain at the 2016 Health Connect South event.  We talked about the innovative approach they are taking to evaluate how effectively older persons, particularly those with disabilities, are able to utilize a variety of technology solutions.  It is not uncommon to learn that … [more]

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